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Monotype fonts were numbered (‘series’ number) and this numbering system seems to reflect the first time it appeared.  Not all variants of a face would necessarily have appeared at the same time however.  I have started to build up an index of all the early Monotype fonts, together with the year they first appeared (and other useful information) where known. Listing by series does show which fonts are genuinely archaic. Fonts like Modern (!) and Imprint are now over 100 years old…

There is a clash where 113 was applied to both Plantin Light and Caslon Bold Condensed, presumably by accident. The latter was amended to series 113A. Numbering gets a little sporadic in the latter 1930s, where there is a sudden jump after 456 (Light English Text) though 582 (Cooper Tooled) and 675 (Bodoni Ultra) were listed by RiscaType (a casting concern) in 1936. I wonder why the sudden jump? Everything up to this point was prewar; the Univers variants at the end are post war. (This list does not pretend to be complete).

Series Name Year Notes
1 Modern Condensed 1900
2 Old Style and italic
7 Modern and italic
9 Latin Antique
12 Gloucester Outline GTS list this as Clarendon
15 Sanserif A heavy weight, wide. Very similar to SB’s Grotesque range which appeared at this tim. Downstroke on ‘y’ is curved. Full loop on ‘g’.
33 Gothic Condensed Sometimes listed as Grotesque. Narrower than 15, but still bold weight. Downstrokes of ‘y’ are curved. The ‘g’ is looped. Similar to Franklin Gothic Condensed from ATF in 1905
46 Cushing 1907 First Cyrillic font (eye magazine). GTS list this as Scotch Roman.
51 Grotesque Wide but not so bold as 150. Straight downstrokes on ‘y’. Similar to Franklin Gothic from American Type Founders (ATF) which appeared in 1905.
52 Medieval Black
53 Bold Face and italic. Usually listed as Old Style Bold; GTS list it as Scotch Roman Bold.
59 Veronese and italic
70 Poliphilus
74 Antique Extended Before 1909
90 Greek (Upright)
99 Gloucester Light and italic
100 Typewriter
101 Imprint 1912 The first face cut for the new automated Monotype caster. And italic. Designed for a magazine of the same name which was never published.
102 Washington Text
103 Gloucester Bold and italic
105 Typewriter
106 Greek (inclined)
109 French Old Style and italic
110 Plantin and italic
113 Plantin Light and italic – listed by RiscaType
113A Caslon Bold Condensed Listed by RiscaType
113 Russian and italic. Note the two other 113’s above. Listed by GTS
114 Trojan Circa 1912 Used by Wyndham Lewis for Cave of the Golden Calf prospectus
119 Blado Italic
126 Grotesque Light And Italic
127 Typewriter
128 Caslon Old Face and italic
135 Bodoni and Italic
139 Plate Gothic Light
140 Plate Gothic – also known as Spartan
141 Plate Gothic Heavy
143 Plate Gothic Conndensed
144 Plate Gothic Italic
147 Engravers’ Title
149 Italia Old Style Display
150 Bold Gothic And italic. Looks like a response to Stephenson, Blake Grotesque No 9 (launched 1907). Curved downstrokes on the ‘y’. Strangely, the lowercase ‘g’ tail is looped in non italic, but single tail in italic.
152 Gloucester Wide
154 Old Face
156 Garamond and italic
157 Clear Face Bold and italic
159 Caslon Old Face Heavy and italic
161 Old Style Antique
165 Cochin and italic
166 Narrow Gothic Only caps. A heavier version of 318.
169 Baskerville and Italic (‘It’)
170 Blado Italic ? As listed by GTS
175 Rockwell Shadow
185 Fournier and italic
190 Imprint Shadow and italic
194 Plantin Heavy and italic
194 Russian Bold Listed by GTS – clashes with above?
195 Bodoni Bold
196 Surrey Old Style
198 Gloucester Bold Condensed
199 Horley Old Style and italic
200 Perpetua Bold Titling by Gill
201 Garamond heavy and italic
203 Van Djick and italic
206 Pastonchi and italic
209 Caslon Titling
213 Condensed Bold
214 Goudy Heavy
215 Grotesque 1926 A face-lift of the original grotesques (51 and 33). And Italic. Designed by Frank Hinman Pierpoint, in response to Futura, Helvetica and other continental sans serifs
216 Grotesque Bold 1926
218 Sanserif Condensed based on series 15
223 Antique Heavy
224 Antique Heavy Condensed
225 Colonna
227 Century and italic
231 Gill Sanserif Titling 1928 The first classic Gill? Based on his earlier Cleverdon Titling.
233 Gill Sanserif Cameo
235 Typewriter also see 100 etc
236 Plantin Heavy Condensed
239 Perpetua A serif design by Eric Gill
243 Gloucester Bold Extended
246 Othello The Monotype version of Koch’s Neuland
248 Othello Shadow see 246
249 Goudy Modern and italic
252 Centaur and italic
255 Luticia and italic
258 Perpetua Titling
260 Bodoni heavy and italic
261 Horley Old Face Heavy
262 Gill Sanserif and italic – also known as Gill Medium.
268 Goudy Catalogue and italic
269 Goudy Bold and italic
270 Bembo and italic
271 Cloister Bold and italic
272 Cloister Old Style and italic
275 Gill Sanserif Bold and Italic
276 Solus
278 Braggadocio
279 Ashley not the script – that is 574
290 Gill Sanserif Shadow Line
291 Goudy Old Style and italic
292 Goudy Text
293 Lombardic Capitals
295 Centaur Titling
297 Modernistic
299 Gill Sanserif Cameo Ruled
304 Gill Sanserif Shadow
305 Kino
306 Broadway
307 Broadway Engraved
310 Imprint Bold
312 Baskerville Bold
313 Gallia Also Baskerville Semi-bold?
317 Gill Sanserif Bold Titling Designed by Eric Gill
318 Grotesque Also known as Sanserif Condensed. Full case. Available from SuperType. A lighter version of 166. Downstroke of ‘y’ is curved, ‘g’ is single tail.
321 Gill Sanserif Extra Heavy
321T Gill Sans. Extra Heavy Titling
322 Heavy Script
323 Falstaff
324 Albertus Titling
327 Times Roman 1931 And italic. Designed by Victor Larent, under the supervision of Stanley Morison at Monotype for the Times newspaper
328 Times Heavy Titling
329 Times Titling
332 Times Bold Titling
334 Times Bold And italic
338 Gill Sanserif Colour
339 Times Bold Titling
341 Bell and Italic
343 Gill Sanserif Bold condensed
351 Script Light
355 Times Hever Titling Yes, ‘Hever’.
359 Rockwell Heavy Condensed
361 Gloucester Bold Titling
362 Gill Sanserif Light and italic
369 Jocunda
370 Bembo Titling and italic
371 Rockwell Medium
373 Gill Extra Bold Condensed Titling
374 Walbaum and italic
375 Walbaum Medium
478 Joanna Before 1943 and italic.
383 Grotesque Heavy Condensed Narrow, but bold; downstrokes on ‘y’ are curved. Downstroke of ‘g’ is single tail.
385 Script Extra Light
388 Grock
390 Rockwell Light
391 Rockwell heavy
395 Gloucester Bold Extra Condensed
396 Gloucester Bold Light Extra Condensed
414 Rockwell Medium Condensed
420 Runic Condensed About 1936 Though a 1930’s font, it is based on a Victorian face
424 Rockwell Extra Heavy
428 Bembo Bold
435 Dorchester Script
438 Plantin Titling
453 Ehrhardt and italic
455 Temple Script
456 Light English Text
461 Perpetua Bold A Gill design
469 Bulmer and italic
544 Old Style Bold Bold is also at 53, so this is probably Heavy.
556 Spectrum and italic
570 Modern Bold Took a while to get bold sorted – the original Modern is series number 7!
582 Cooper Tooled About 1936 one of the worst type faces in the world? Series number suspect
675 Bodoni Ultra Before 1936 Series number seems too high for year. And Italic
685 Univers Light
688 Univers Medium Expanded
689 Univers Medium and italic
690 Univers Medium Condensed
693 Univers Bold
694 Univers Bold Condensed
696 Univers Extra Bold

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